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Recently bought the green haze shimmering body wash from H&M and got a terrible itchy burning rash. Not happy :(

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Results are in…

yea and they’re bull! I blame Harry.


Results are in…

yea and they’re bull! I blame Harry.

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Not usually what I post, but I am very pissed off at the results for American Idol this week.

MK was a great singer, her performances may not have been very strong, but her voice is amazing. With her, Dexter, and Majesty in the bottom 3, it was clear that Majesty should have gone home, long ago…

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*you walk into bedroom*

Y: “Harry I found the whipped cream… where’d you go?”

*Harry comes running in*

H: Sorry I had to wee, what’s your name again?

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I want.

I want.

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It’s very surreal to see my ex on tv. I am over the moon for the girl and how well she’s doing and how amazingly america is responding to her. That’s not even the weirdest part. Meet the girl for 5 minutes and you already know she’s destined for something awesome.

The weird thing is seeing posts…

Really? I mean she’s famous now essentially so of course fans say those things..


wait wait wait wait
my loves
we need to talk about the fact that there is a gender nonconforming gay lady on a major cable teevee program right now.

i know you probably don’t give a shit about American Idol, but you should give a shit that MK Nobilette is an MOC, openly gay woman on American Idol. plus she is super talented.

so maybe if you love me or you love butches or you understand that this is a big thing you could vote for her???

text 6* to 83676 ok? love you bye

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